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Here’s the complete overview of ECG Workout: Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation PDF:

Grasp the electrocardiography basics and identify arrhythmias accurately, with the freshly updated ECG Workout, 7th Edition .

Fully addressing the most common arrhythmias, this clearly worded text will take you step-by-step through expert ECG tracing interpretation methods, including differentiating among rhythm groups, equipment use, and management protocols. This is the go-to ECG guide for both student training and professional review—perfect for physicians, nurses, medical and nursing students, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, telemetry technicians, and related practitioners.

Features of ECG Workout: Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the important features of this book:

  • Illustrated anatomy and physiology of the heart
  • Electrical basis of electrocardiology
  • Arrhythmia chapters: sinus, atrial, junctional and AV blocks, ventricular and bundle-branch block rhythms—examples, causes, clinical treatments, and practice strips
  • Step-by-step direction on interpreting rhythm strips
  • Components of the ECG tracing: waveforms, intervals, segments, complexes, and waveform identification
  • Discussion of cardiac monitors, lead systems, lead placement, ECG artifacts, and troubleshooting monitor problems
  • Methods for precise rate calculation
  • Discussion of cardiac pacemakers: types, indications, function, pacemaker terminology, malfunctions, and pacemaker analysis, with practice tracings

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents which you will be able to access inside ECG Workout: Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation PDF:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology of the Heart
  2. Description and Location of the Heart
  3. Function of the Heart
  4. Heart Surfaces
  5. Structure of the Heart Wall
  6. Heart Chambers
  7. Heart Valves
  8. Blood Flow Through the Heart and Lungs
  9. Coronary Circulation
  10. Cardiac Innervation
  11. Electrophysiology
  12. Cardiac Cells
  13. Depolarization and Repolarization
  14. Electrical Conduction System of the Heart
  15. The Cardiac Cycle
  16. Waveforms and Current Flow
  17. Refractory and Supernormal Periods of the Cardiac Cycle
  18. ECG Graph Paper
  19. Waveforms, Intervals, Segments, and Complexes
  20. P Wave
  21. PR Interval
  22. QRS Complex
  23. ST Segment
  24. T Wave
  25. QT Interval
  26. U Wave
  27. Cardiac Monitors
  28. Purpose of ECG Monitoring
  29. Types of Bedside Monitoring
  30. Applying the Electrode Pads
  31. Troubleshooting Monitor Problems
  32. Analyzing a Rhythm Strip
  33. Step 1: Determine the Regularity (Rhythm) of the R Waves
  34. Step 2: Calculate the Heart Rate
  35. Step 3: Identify and Examine P Waves
  36. Step 4: Measure the PR Interval
  37. Step 5: Measure the QRS Complex
  38. Waveform Practice–Analyzing Rhythm Strips
  39. Sinus Arrhythmias
  40. Normal Sinus Rhythm
  41. Sinus Tachycardia
  42. Sinus Bradycardia
  43. Sinus Arrhythmia
  44. Sinus Arrest and Sinus Exit Block
  45. Atrial Arrhythmias
  46. Wandering Atrial Pacemaker (WAP)
  47. Premature Atrial Contraction (PAC)
  48. Nonconducted PAC
  49. Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia (PAT)
  50. Atrial Flutter
  51. Atrial Fibrillation
  52. AV Junctional Arrhythmias and AV Blocks
  53. Premature Junctional Contractions (PJC)
  54. Junctional Rhythm
  55. Accelerated Junctional Rhythm
  56. Paroxysmal Junctional Tachycardia (PJT)
  57. AV Heart Blocks
  58. First-Degree AV Block
  59. Second-Degree AV Block, Type I (Mobitz I or Wenckebach)
  60. Second-Degree AV Block, Type II (Mobitz II)
  61. Third-Degree AV Block (Complete Heart Block)
  62. Ventricular Arrhythmias and Bundle Branch Block
  63. Bundle Branch Block
  64. Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs)
  65. Ventricular Tachycardia (VT)
  66. Ventricular Fibrillation
  67. Idioventricular Rhythm (Ventricular Escape Rhythm)
  68. Accelerated Idioventricular Rhythm
  69. Ventricular Standstill (Ventricular Asystole)
  70. Pacemakers
  71. Temporary Pacemakers
  72. Permanent Pacemakers
  73. Pacemaker Terms
  74. Pacemaker Malfunctions
  75. Analyzing Pacemaker Rhythm Strips (Ventricular Demand Type)
  76. Post-Test

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Product Details

Below are the full technical specifications of ECG Workout: Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation PDF:

  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: LWW; Seventh edition (July 14, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9781469899817
  • ISBN-13: 978-1469899817
  • ASIN: 1469899817
  • Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 0.9 x 10.9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 3.1 pounds

ECG Workout: Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation PDF Free Download

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ECG Workout: Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation PDF


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