365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience & Success PDF Free Download [Direct Link]

365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience & Success PDF

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Checkout the complete overview of the book 365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience & Success PDF:

Its lack makes you unable to achieve your goals. Without it, you’ll struggle to lose weight, become fit, wake up early, work productively and save money. Not embracing it in your everyday life means that you’ll never realize your full potential. Ignoring it inevitably leads to regret and feeling sad about how more successful and incredible your life could have been if you had only decided to develop it.

What is this powerful thing? Self-discipline.

And if there’s one thing that self-discipline is not, it’s instant. It takes months (if not years) to develop powerful self-control that will protect you from impulsive decisions, laziness, procrastination, and inaction.

You need to exhibit self-discipline day in, day out, 365 days in a year. What if you had a companion who would remind you daily to stay disciplined and persevere, even when the going gets tough?

365 Days With Self-Discipline is a practical, accessible guidebook for embracing more self-discipline in your everyday life. You’ll learn how to do this through 365 brief, daily insights from the world’s brightest minds, expanded and commented upon by bestselling personal development author Martin Meadows.

Features of 365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience & Success PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

This isn’t just an inspirational book; most of the entries deliver practical suggestions that you can immediately apply in your life to become more disciplined. Here are just some of the things you’ll learn:

– why living your life the hard way makes it easy (and other suggestions from a successful entrepreneur and longevity scientist);

– how to overcome your initial resistance and procrastination based on the remark made by one of the most renowned Renaissance men;

– why, according to an influential neurosurgeon, it’s key to see problems as hurdles instead of obstacles (and how to do that);

– how to embrace an experimental mindset to overcome a fear of failure (a technique recommended by a successful entrepreneur and musician);

– how to quit in a smart way, according to a world-famous marketing expert;

– how to improve your productivity at work by implementing the advice from one of the most successful detective fiction writers;

– how a trick used by screenwriters can help you figure out the first step needed to get closer to your goals;

– how to maintain self-discipline in the long-term by paying attention to what a bestselling non-fiction author calls necessary to survive and thrive;

– how your most common thoughts can sabotage your efforts (and other valuable insights from one of the most respected Roman Stoics); and

– how to overcome temporary discouragement and look at your problems from the proper perspective, as suggested by a well-known public speaker and author.

Table of Contents

Below is the full table of contents offered inside 365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience & Success PDF:

Day 1: On Living the Hard Way
Day 2: On Your Choices
Day 3: On Being a Human
Day 4: On Creating Systems
Day 5: On Enslavement to Self
Day 6: On Superhumans
Day 7: On Poverty and Self-Discipline
Day 8: On Unessential Necessities
Day 9: On Your Future Self
Day 10: On Building Your Story
Day 11: On Self-Discipline and Talent
Day 12: On Calmness of Mind
Day 13: On What You Want Now and What You Want Mos t
Day 14: On Long-Term Focus
Day 15: On Constant Improvement
Day 16: On Self-Reliance
Day 17: On Rising from the Ashes of Failure
Day 18: On Higher Standards
Day 19: On Fighting Well
Day 20: On Taking Small Steps
Day 21: On the Importance of Habits
Day 22: On Self-Discipline as Freedom
Day 23: On Disciplined Education
Day 24: On Happiness Through Self-Discipline
Day 25: On Starting Today
Day 26: On the Long-Term Consequences of Your Choices
Day 27: On Following the Wrong Path
Day 28: On Living in Offensive Mode
Day 29: On Avoiding Effort
Day 30: On Looking Like a Foo l
Day 31: On Being “Normal”
Day 32: On Cultivating Self-Discipline Like a Plant
Day 33: On Things You Can’t Rush
Day 34: On Enlightenment
Day 35: On the Value of Difficulty
Day 36: On Pushing Your Limits Step by Step
Day 37: On Initial Resistance
Day 38: On Moderation as a Good Thing
Day 39: On Moderation as a Bad Thing
Day 40: On Talking vs. Doing
Day 41: On Arrogance
Day 42: On Diligent Practice
Day 43: On Making Continuous Efforts
Day 44: On Optimism
Day 45: On Honesty
Day 46: On Looking Fear in the Face
Day 47: On the Folly of Loafing Around
Day 48: On the Deadening of the Soul
Day 49: On Obeying Lust s
Day 50: On Not Resting on Your Laurels
Day 51: On Taking Action, in Spite of Potential Criticism
Day 52: On Thinking for Yourself
Day 53: On Having a Burning “Yes” Inside
Day 54: On Underestimating the Long-Term Approach
Day 55: On Bearing Misfortunes Nobly
Day 56: On Thinking You Can
Day 57: On Two Types of Happiness
Day 58: On Cultivating Physical Excellence
Day 59: On Your Vices Masquerading as Virtues
Day 60: On Pressing On
Day 61: On Extreme Actions
Day 62: On Moonshot Projects
Day 63: On the Will Being Stronger Than the Skill
Day 64: On Seeing Obstacles as Hurdles
Day 65: On Self-Discipline with Mone y
Day 66: On Pointless Complaints
Day 67: On Borrowing Money
Day 68: On Choosing the Right Motivator
Day 69: On Climbing Steep Hills
Day 70: On Parkinson’s Law
Day 71: On Taking a Step Forward
Day 72: On the Value of the Struggle
Day 73: On Having Fun
Day 74: On Acting Less and Thinking More
Day 75: On Haters
Day 76: On Changing Your Mind
Day 77: On Hurting Yourself with Your Own Judgments
Day 78: On Collaboration
Day 79: On Books
Day 80: On Cultivating Positivity When Things Go Bad
Day 81: On Identifying Your Resources
Day 82: On Extreme Focu s
Day 83: On Changing Your Identity
Day 84: On Work and Chatter
Day 85: On Experimenting to See What Happens
Day 86: On the Spillover Effect of Success
Day 87: On Attributing Failure to External Factors
Day 88: On the Comfort Zone
Day 89: On Not Making Excuses
Day 90: On Quitting in a Smart Way
Day 91: On Starting Now
Day 92: On Pleasure Gained from Abstaining
Day 93: On Connecting Dots
Day 94: On Overidentifying With Your Emotions
Day 95: On Early-morning Workouts
Day 96: On Silence
Day 97: On Treating Yourself Well
Day 98: On Society (Not) Holding You Back
Day 99: On Applying Knowledge
Day 100: On Being a Leade r
Day 101: On the Ultimate Excellence in Self-Discipline
Day 102: On the Deeper Meaning Behind Temptations
Day 103: On Controlled Burn
Day 104: On the Past Predicting the Future
Day 105: On Predicting When You’ll Give In
Day 106: On Valuing Your Own Opinion
Day 107: On the Innocent Distractions
Day 108: On Following a Routine
Day 109: On the Size of Containers
Day 110: On Moving Yourself Closer to the Finish Line
Day 111: On Patience With Mindset Changes
Day 112: On Self-Licensing
Day 113: On a Lack of Time
Day 114: On Fulfilling Your Own Standards
Day 115: On the Cost of Indulgence
Day 116: On Taking the Low Road
Day 117: On Dressing New Things in Old Habit s
Day 118: On Free Things
Day 119: On Hatching the Egg
Day 120: On Handling Interruptions to Your Routine
Day 121: On the Mark of a Champion
Day 122: On Making Agreements With Yourself
Day 123: On Doing This or Nothing
Day 124: On Daily Gratitude
Day 125: On Going Away From Work
Day 126: On Shedding Light on the Dark Things
Day 127: On Cold Exposure
Day 128: On Principles
Day 129: On Everyday Practice
Day 130: On Working on Laziness
Day 131: On Building an Ark
Day 132: On Being Willing to Be Bad
Day 133: On Self-Caring
Day 134: On Staying Congruen t
Day 135: On Staying in Love With Your Goals
Day 136: On the Desire for Happiness Replacing the Need for SelfDiscipline
Day 137: On Waiting for Ten Minutes
Day 138: On Nature Boosting Your Focus
Day 139: On Tolerating an Absence of Novelty
Day 140: On Longing for Paradise
Day 141: On Punctuality
Day 142: On Keystone Habits
Day 143: On Falling in Love With the Idea of Starting
Day 144: On the Work of a Human Being
Day 145: On Complicating the World for Profit
Day 146: On Decision Avoidance
Day 147: On Walking by Your Mistakes
Day 148: On Fear
Day 149: On the Weak Point in Your Armor
Day 150: On Indulgences Charging You Interest
Day 151: On Changing Your Characte r
Day 152: On the Future Value of Money
Day 153: On Spontaneity
Day 154: On the Value of Doing Things Yourself
Day 155: On Broadening Your Horizons
Day 156: On Wanting What We Already Have
Day 157: On Remembering Death
Day 158: On Learning From the Greats
Day 159: On Having Options
Day 160: On Deliberate Practice
Day 161: On Addressing the Real Mistakes
Day 162: On Inverse Paranoia
Day 163: On Angry Comebacks
Day 164: On Easing Yourself Into the Pain
Day 165: On Not Living Up To Your Ideals
Day 166: On Handling Emotions
Day 167: On Routines Overcoming a Bad Mood
Day 168: On Wasting Your Energy When You Don’t Have Important
WEEK 2 5
Day 169: On Stopping at the Right Moment to Help You Tomorrow
Day 170: On Supply and Demand
Day 171: On Stress
Day 172: On Having More Than One Identity
Day 173: On Eating Alone
Day 174: On Experiencing Life
Day 175: On Improving Self-Control by Using Your Other Hand
Day 176: On Jotting Things Down
Day 177: On Sleep
Day 178: On Losing Momentum
Day 179: On Effort Generating Satisfaction
Day 180: On Paying the Price as Fast as Possible
Day 181: On the Disciplined Pursuit of Less
Day 182: On Saying No
Day 183: On Shocking Your Body
Day 184: On Creating Value
Day 185: On Staying With Problems Longe r
Day 186: On Simple Rules
Day 187: On Not Judging Too Quickly
Day 188: On Pride
Day 189: On Adventures
Day 190: On Being Specific About Your Resolutions
Day 191: On Futile Determination
Day 192: On Being in It for the Long Term
Day 193: On Becoming a New Person
Day 194: On Pain and Quitting
Day 195: On Procrastination as Your Ally
Day 196: On Impermanent Motivation
Day 197: On Eliminating a Negative Attitude
Day 198: On Your Maxims
Day 199: On Your Inaction Hurting Others
Day 200: On Fretting About Yesterday’s Problems
Day 201: On Teaching Others
Day 202: On Accepting the Worst
Day 203: On Maintaining Composur e
Day 204: On Psychological Limits
Day 205: On Treating Hate as an Exercise
Day 206: On Vice Fasts
Day 207: On Enthusiasm and Endurance
Day 208: On Profiting From Your Losses
Day 209: On Finishing Quick Tasks Right Away
Day 210: On Deferring Happiness
Day 211: On a Simple Adherence Hack
Day 212: On Learning From Your Illness
Day 213: On Sudden Trials
Day 214: On Fearing the Future
Day 215: On Self-Determination
Day 216: On Accounting for Flexibility in Your Plans
Day 217: On Things Not Being Up to Us
Day 218: On Protein in Your Diet
Day 219: On Dropping Unnecessary Tasks
Day 220: On a Lack of Visio n
Day 221: On Antimodels
Day 222: On Your Depleting Willpower
Day 223: On Clear Cues and Rewards
Day 224: On Juggling Five Balls
Day 225: On Following Someone Else’s Plan
Day 226: On Waiting to Be Saved
Day 227: On Being Stuck in the Past
Day 228: On Going Where Your Eyes Go
Day 229: On the Opportunity in Chaos
Day 230: On Laser-Focusing on Specific Aspects
Day 231: On Minimizing What You Need
Day 232: On Going All In
Day 233: On Obstacles as Filters
Day 234: On Forgiving
Day 235: On Looking Only One Day Ahead
Day 236: On Being a Normal Chap
Day 237: On Shifting Responsibility to Others
Day 238: On Dividing Your Life into 10-Minute Unit s
Day 239: On Imagining the Process as a Litmus Test
Day 240: On Separating Yourself From the Pain
Day 241: On Enabling the Future
Day 242: On Selectivity
Day 243: On the Crime of Aiming Too Low
Day 244: On the Fun in the Impossible
Day 245: On Following or Leaving a Path
Day 246: On Learning the Big Ideas
Day 247: On First-Order and Second-Order Consequences
Day 248: On Reducing Your Targets
Day 249: On Working Backwards
Day 250: On Fluctuating Energy
Day 251: On Relaxing While Working
Day 252: On Getting Older
Day 253: On the Invisible Prison Bars
Day 254: On Capitalizing on Your Talent s
Day 255: On Self-Image
Day 256: On Taking a Real Decision
Day 257: On Being Impeccable With Your Word
Day 258: On Helping, With No Strings Attached
Day 259: On the Motivation to Get Up Early
Day 260: On Courage
Day 261: On Giving Up the Last Word
Day 262: On Fragility Caused by Comfort
Day 263: On Thinking for Yourself
Day 264: On Being Honest With Yourself About Your Feelings
Day 265: On Transformation Taking Place Now
Day 266: On Temptations and Your Decision What to Do About Them
Day 267: On Self-Monitoring
Day 268: On Taking Ownership for Your Ideas
Day 269: On Stretching
Day 270: On Self-Reflection
Day 271: On How to Use Book s
Day 272: On Extinguishing Bad Habits
Day 273: On Reprogramming Your Brain
Day 274: On Constant Movement
Day 275: On Staying a Champion
Day 276: On the Price of Personal Growth
Day 277: On Making Things Convenient
Day 278: On the Rent Axiom
Day 279: On Learning With Age
Day 280: On Seeing Your Troubles from the Proper Perspective
Day 281: On the Hardships Writing Your Life Story
Day 282: On Analysis Paralysis
Day 283: On Being Hungry
Day 284: On Habits as Handcuffs
Day 285: On Small Efforts at Self-Control
Day 286: On Avoiding Problems
Day 287: On Reducing Procrastination That Comes From Overwhelm
WEEK 4 2
Day 288: On Routines and Relationships
Day 289: On Accounting for Taxes
Day 290: On Letting Go of the Old Person
Day 291: On the How Instead of the Outcome
Day 292: On Mental Resilience
Day 293: On Cutting Your Losses
Day 294: On the All-or-Nothing Mentality
Day 295: On Wandering Aimlessly
Day 296: On Your Habitual Thoughts
Day 297: On the Best Time to Work
Day 298: On the Suffocating Mantras
Day 299: On Generalizations
Day 300: On Walking
Day 301: On the Power of Rituals
Day 302: On Listening to Your Gut
Day 303: On Buddha’s Counsel
Day 304: On the Unsexy Reality of Work
Day 305: On the Addiction to Electronics
Day 306: On Ignoranc e
Day 307: On Breaking Your Rules
Day 308: On Not Having Money
Day 309: On the Matters of Right and Wrong
Day 310: On Having Good Private Teachers
Day 311: On Setting an Example
Day 312: On Learning Without a Desire to Learn
Day 313: On What You Demand From Life
Day 314: On Neatness
Day 315: On the Cost of Education and Ignorance
Day 316: On Doing What You Love
Day 317: On Thinking You’re Able
Day 318: On the Inconvenience of Change
Day 319: On Learning From Refusal
Day 320: On Change as a Cold Bath
Day 321: On Being the Creator of Your Circumstances
Day 322: On Subtraction
Day 323: On Prolonged Sittin g
Day 324: On Ignoring the World When You’re Down
Day 325: On Being the Child of Your Own Works
Day 326: On Your Deeds Determining You
Day 327: On the Biggest Person Standing in Your Way
Day 328: On Anger
Day 329: On a Change in Beliefs

Day 330: On Turning Back Right at the Very End
Day 331: On Finding an Easier Way
Day 332: On a Lack of Variety
Day 333: On Happiness as a Duty
Day 334: On Self-Criticism
Day 335: On Wishing
Day 336: On Remembering That Your Time Is Limited

Day 337: On a Coin Flip
Day 338: On “I Don’t” vs. “I Can’t”
Day 339: On Appreciating Your Body
Day 340: On Better Learnin g
Day 341: On When Not to Make Important Decisions
Day 342: On Doing the Best You Can With What You Have
Day 343: On Turning Intentions into Actions
Day 344: On the Desire for Safety
Day 345: On Injecting Adventure in Your Routines
Day 346: On Surpassing Yourself
Day 347: On Enduring Your Tyrants
Day 348: On Using Your Strength
Day 349: On Managing Energy
Day 350: On Doing Things Deliberately
Day 351: On Admitting You’re Struggling
Day 352: On the Empowerment in Trade-Offs
Day 353: On Glancing at Your Smartphone
Day 354: On Focusing on the Good Things
Day 355: On Luxuries
Day 356: On Taking the Initiative
Day 357: On the Rare Indulgenc e
Day 358: On Acting Differently From Others
Day 359: On Treats vs. Rewards
Day 360: On Self-Myofascial Release
Day 361: On Smiling
Day 362: On Professionalism
Day 363: On Relying Upon Yourself
Day 364: On Books, Part Two
Day 365: On Sweeping the Floor

365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience & Success PDF Free Download

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Here’s the cover image preview of 365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience & Success PDF:

365 Days With Self-Discipline 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience & Success PDF


Please use the direct link mentioned below to download 365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience & Success PDF for free now:

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