CERN Short Term Internship Program in Switzerland 2023

CERN Short Term Internship Program in Switzerland 2023

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Ready to turn your passion for science into a transformative adventure? If you’re on the hunt for an international internship that’s more than just a resume booster, then you’re in for a treat!

The CERN Short Term Internship in Europe is one of the most competitive and exceptional internship opportunities worldwide. Aspirants will work at the best research institute and with the best researchers and professionals worldwide. We strongly encourage you to submitting an application for this remunerative internship opportunity at CERN, Switzerland. Embrace the finest chance to immerse yourself in a transformative journey and get a chance to work within the enchanting embrace of a European country. Undergraduate students must take advantage of this golden opportunity to dive headfirst into the captivating world of particle physics and groundbreaking research. Through this internship program in Geneva, students can learn professional skills and upgrade their competencies in relevant fields while they work under top professionals. Furthermore, the experts will also share their knowledge gained throughout the journey.

It will be a boost for your Career Journey:
As a CERN intern, you will not only receive a monthly stipend of 1,516 Swiss francs but you will also be gifted with a priceless opportunity to elevate your professional network. This isn’t just a job, it’s a stepping stone to a world of possibilities.


🌌 Apply Now Your Future Awaits
If you’re a undergraduate yearning to gain hands-on experience and make your mark on the scientific world, then this is your calling. Don’t miss your chance to shine.
🔗 Discover more details about the CERN Internship in Switzerland:
• Compensation: Yes, it’s a paid opportunity!
• Available for: Students hailing from every corner of the globe

Before you leap, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. A simple checklist to ensure you’re all set for this incredible experience.


CERN Short-Term Internship Program 2023:

Host Country: Switzerland
Host Organization: CERN
Location: Geneva
Duration: The duration for undergraduate students is up to 6 months.
Intern Stipend: 1,500 Swiss Franc per month

CERN Short Term Internship 2023 in Switzerland

Eligibility Criteria of Short Term Internship in Switzerland 2023

•The candidate should be undergraduate student.
•The candidate should be at least 18 years at the time of application.
•The candidate has to work at the CERN with full responsibility in the internship program.
•The candidate must know English or French languages.

•Candidate should belong to the following technical or administrative fields:

applied physics
electricity, civil or mechanical engineering
materials science
safety, and environmental protection
radiation protection
ultra-high vacuum
surveying, and scientific communication

• In the administrative field, the following options are available:

legal services
human resources
advanced secretarial work, and translation

How to Apply:

• The applicants have to apply online.
• The candidate should provide all your standard personal information.
• Candidates should complete all the required fields for proving the evidence of the undergraduate program.
• A well-written CV is required.
• If the candidates have any extraordinary achievements, they should mention that in their CV as it would benefit their selection process.
• A CV should reflect a detailed analysis of your competencies, including your educational background, skills, proficiencies, and personal profile.
• The CERN experts will go over applications.
• A program coordinator will contact selected candidates.
• It has limited slots, which are allocated to the top-ranked brilliant students.
• Complete your application form carefully and submit it because it will not be edited once submitted.

Documents Required for CERN Short-Term Paid Internship 2023:

• A good and comprehensive CV (in English or French).
• A Letter of reference from your current Institute.
• Evidence of enrollment in under graduation

Application Deadline:

• There is no specific application deadline but there are limited slots.

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