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Canine Internal Medicine: What’s Your Diagnosis? is an ideal guide to how internal medicine cases are handled in the clinical setting. This text is part of an exciting series, which combines problem-based learning, case studies, and questions and answers. Designed for veterinarians in practice and students, the series presents material in a format designed to enhance critical thinking and understanding. In this blog post, you will be able to download free PDF e-book copy of Canine Internal Medicine PDF.

Adopting a case-based approach, chapters are built around body systems and are directed by questions to test the reader’s ability to interpret clinical history, illustrative images and diagnostic results in order to provide differential diagnoses, diagnostic plans and treatment options. Common pitfalls in diagnosis and management are discussed, and you will benefit from the experience of the author as a busy and experienced clinician.

An innovative and interesting way to increase knowledge and skills in canine internal medicine, Canine Internal Medicine: What’s Your Diagnosis? is an indispensable resource for veterinary students, veterinarians in small animal practice, and those studying for post-graduate qualification in small animal medicine.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents presented in Canine Internal Medicine PDF:

Section A Endocrinology

  • Case 1 presenting with polyuria/polydipsia
  • Case 2 presenting with seizures
  • Case 3 presenting with lethargy and weight loss
  • Case 4 presenting with alopecia and polyuria/polydipsia
  • Case 5 presenting with weight gain, lethargy and coat abnormalities

Section B Haematology and Immunology

  • Case 6 presenting with lethargy and pigmenturia
  • Case 7 presenting with lethargy and vomiting
  • Case 8 presenting with lethargy and lameness
  • Case 9 presenting with lethargy and lameness also

Section C Hepatobiliary Disease

  • Case 10 presenting with abdominal pain
  • Case 11 presenting with mentation abnormalities
  • Case 12 presenting with jaundice

Section D Gastroenterology

  • Case 13 presenting with diarrhoea, ascites and seizures
  • Case 14 presenting with inappetence and vomiting
  • Case 15 presenting with diarrhoea and weight loss
  • Case 16 presenting with regurgitation

Section E Respiratory

  • Case 17 presenting with cough and tachypnoea
  • Case 18 presenting with episodes of dyspnoea
  • Case 19 presenting with tachypnoea

Section F Ear, Nose and Throat

  • Case 20 presenting with exercise intolerance
  • Case 21 presenting with epistaxis

Section G Cardiovascular

  • Case 22 presenting with lethargy and ascites
  • Case 23 presenting with lethargy and heart murmur

Section H Urology and Nephrology

  • Case 24 presenting with azotaemia on pre-anaesthetic blood sample
  • Case 25 presenting with dysuria
  • Case 26 presenting with haematuria

Section I Reproductive/Genital Tract

  • Case 27 presenting with blood from the penis

Section J Oncology

  • Case 28 presenting with pelvic limb swelling
  • Case 29 presenting with weight loss and tachypnoea
  • Case 30 presenting with lymphadenomegaly

Section K Neurology

  • Case 31 presenting with ocular changes and regurgitation
  • Case 32 presenting with stiffness and dysphagia

Section L Infectious diseases

  • Case 33 presenting with lethargy and polyuria
  • Case 34 presenting with lethargy, vomiting and jaundice

Product Details

Below are the technical specifications of Canine Internal Medicine PDF:

  • Book Name : Canine Internal Medicine: What’s Your Diagnosis
  • Edition : 1st Edition | | ISBN : 1118918177
  • Author Name : Jon Wray; Jon Wray;
  • Category : Medical
  • Format / Pages : PDF – 476 Pages

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